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CCC-The Cool Cats Club

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Message from Emily---I'm back. I haven't been on the Net for a while because I haven't been feeling very well. There are a lot of you who have registered but haven't received any answer---for this I apologize! I have a lot of stuff to do and a lot of e-mail to answer, so please bear with me. If you have already registered you can get your membership cards here. Sorry for the long wait! ~Emily

Meow! You have reached the Cool Cats Club. CCC is a club for cats and catpeople (meaning catlovers) on the 'Net. There are only two requirements: you must be a cat or a catperson, and you must have an e-mail address. That's it! There will soon be a mewsletter called By Word of Meow, but it will only go out once in a while because the cats here are really busy chasing mice. If you would like to join CCC, all you have to do is E-mail and give your NAME, E-MAIL ADDRESS, and homepage address if you have one. Once you have sent the e-mail to sign up, go here to pick up your membership card that you can put on your homepage. (There will be some better cards there soon.) That's it! There used to be a signup form, but it didn't work a lot of the time and sometimes applications didn't get through, so we did away with that. Meow for now!

Coming soon...CCC chat room, counter, and guestbook.

This Cat Ring site is owned by The Cool Cats Club!
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